Last one for today, Argentinian producer El Remolón has long been associated with the experimental side of the digital cumbia scene. On Selva—his new LP on ZZK—he pushes himself further, this time exploring a whole range of tropical and electro sounds with the help of a considerable roster of guests pulled from the emerging alt-latin scene. Listen to this now.

Cascades of synth patterns and glassy piano breaks. Adolescent’s debut Golden Halls EP is set to drop on May 12 via KLDSCP.

A newly retooled 8 minute version of a tune first released back in 2012, “Some of Her Love (Version)” finds London pair Casino Times (a.k.a. Nick Church and Joseph Spencer) digging deep into hypnotic grooves and detailed percussion.

Radiohead — Kid A (Kid A)

Darkside — Golden Arrow (Psychic)

One of those songs that you just never want them to end.

Clair De Lune

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Protomartyr — Bad Advice (Under Color of Official Right)

OFF! — Void You Out (Wasted Years)

Four Tet has announced 3 new releases under his TEXT imprint, TEXT029, TEXT030 and TEXT031, set to be released in late April. The first two of are from his own Percussions alias, and the third one is the Streetways EP from an artist named Taraval. Blatant Water Cannon is the B-Side of the split single "ASCII Bot/Blatant Water Cannon".

Bonobo’s 2 hour Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 (12/04/2014) — No introduction necessary.

The Beats Unraveled series presented by Boiler Room just keep getting better and better. This time Binkbeats performs Aphex Twin’s iconic track “Windowlicker” in very much his trademark style, a one-take cover with acoustic instruments and looping software. This time though, he adds two Khaos Pads to the mix and makes another amazing rendition.


Lorenzo Kurizu's “Lauwerecht” production makes for an inviting eight minutes, with its airy chords and light melodies balanced by a rounded bass and deep-reaching kicks. Though, what keeps Kurizu's extended work moving is the Dutch producer's methodical use of textured percussion, as he places grainy hats, dusty clicks, and fast-paced machine rumbles between the cut's otherwise simple four-on-the-floor. “Lauwerecht” is one of two new tracks from the budding Utrecht-based producer set to appear on his Cinta EP for the Neovinyl imprint dropping later this month.